UK: New Companies Act 2006 received Royal Assent (8th of November)

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It is an important moment in Company Law in the UK. This Companies Act 2006 appears as being the largest Act ever, with 1300 sections (is there a French influence?).

This act replaces the company law provisions of the Companies Act of 1985, 1989 and 2004. All parts of the Act will be in force by October 2008.

The Act is not actually available but the British Secretary of State has said about it: "This Act will help ensure Britains remains on the best places in the world to set up and run business. It makes sure the regulatory burden on business is "light-touch", promotes shareholder engagement and will help encourage a long-term investment culture in the UK".

There is a deep ongoing competition between Paris and London to seduce the international business community...


je souhaiterai travailler au uk j'ai 25 ans et je voudrais savoir la procédure pour obtenir un permit de travail

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